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This live quartet release from Brazilian guitarist/vocalist Duda Lucena is an enthralling ride through a lush landscape of bossa nova, samba and baião with American jazz sensibilities. Performing six classics, handpicked from the songbooks of legendary Brazilian composers, as well as a Lucena original, the ensemble produces a tightly focused sound, propelled by the ebb and flow of emotion and serene romanticism heard in Lucena's voice.
~John Barron, The Jazz Word

Lucena’s superb vocals, as well as his true talent on Latin (specifically Brazilian) guitar will bring back many pleasant mem'ries (or make new ones, ifyou haven’t heard the tunes before). I especially enjoyed the guitar on “Sol“, but you’ll find Quentin Baxter’s drums, Kevin Hamilton’s bass & Gerald Gregory’s piano all contribute to the vibrant jazz experience (the recording is live, so that adds yet another level of excitement as well).
~ Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation Nation

The interpretations are quiet and romantic, speaking more to unique, oaken world tastes than ones geared to chill-combo, though both areas get plenty-enough pampering in this endlessly pleasurable record. Grade: A
~ Eric Saeger, Skope Magazine

(CD SOL released in 2007) Sold Out!

01- Bela (Duda Lucena)

02- Felicidade Natura (Duda Lucena)

03- Sol (Duda Lucena)

04- Sonho Maluco (Duda Lucena)

05- Recife/Rio (Duda Lucena)

06- Morro do Pavor (Duda/Gui Milagres)

07- Que Vida (Duda Lucena)

08- Quer Saber (Duda Lucena)

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