Duda Lucena


Duda Lucena is a creative person fueled by an energy that is natural. The force field he creates is formed by tendencies that are organic and humane. There is a lot going on in his mind, heart and soul but the purity of his efforts create an aura that can only come from a real artist - one that is purposeful, focused and moving toward the light. (Jack McCray, Jazz Writer for the Post & Courier)

Childhood: His father’s guitar serenades with friends and family inspired Lucena to compose his first songs at the age of 12. From there, his most powerful music experience was being backstage listening to the rehearsals of the Pernambuco Symphonic Orchestra (Recife, Brazil).

20's: Lucena studied classical guitar and received his musical training from the distinguished Conservatorio Pernambucano de Musica. He held his first concert at Museu da Cidade do Recife. Next he performed at the Teatro do Parque and Valdemar de Oliveira Theatre. Seeking more musical knowledge, he moved to Rio de Janeiro, studying harmony, arrangement and composition at Centro Ian Guest de Aperfeicoamento Musical, a music school based upon the Berklee College of Music.

40’s: On tour in Mexico, he fell in love with his wife who introduced him to her hometown, Charleston, SC. After more than ten years in the South, Lucena is recognized as a pivotal force of Brazilian music on the jazz scene.

Lately: A featured guest with the Charleston Symphony Orchestra, Charleston Jazz Orchestra, XM Sirius’ Real Jazz Show, and performing at events such as the Charlotte Jazz Festival, THE JAZZ ROOM Premiere Thursdays, and at venues across the country.